Letra de la canción

Featuring das efx

Yeah yeah nine seven das efx
To your chin
No doubt pmd
Boondox hit squad pmd
Das efx we up on this one son
What's the deal?
Whattup p? rough rugged and raw
Hit squad
No doubt son yo yeah yeah keep it live

Chorus: repeat 4x

I represent the hardcore (rough rugged and raw)
The pmd the mic's my only friend

Verse one:

I grab a chorus like my nigga dj scratch is on the cut
Hit squad on live, pmd's like what (what?)
I'm too tough, gettin snuffed all in the cut
Aiyyo it's diggedy das whassup higgedy here to f*** it up
Nuttin move but the green my team be on the shine
Shiggedy shine like a light, hit squad we keep it tight
I light an l i ring your bells so go tell cuz it's the ill figure
Timberland boots, rolex, with a benz
Diggy das efx snap necks with pmd
Bringin the raw so you can see a b-boy is what i be
See i just can't resist this, cause business is business
So money mind your business, and shorty keep your distance
I did this once before, hardcore, forever in it
Tryin to win it, thank god for hip-hop, yo scratch spin it

Chorus 1/2

Verse two:

Yippie-yi-yay, yippy-yo, it's the, slow-flow mechanic
Mass confusion is crusin just start to panic
And you don't stop, got the hit squad backin me
Aiyyo we riggeddy rock your set
And i bet you never ever tackle me
What happened p?
You know what happened b i'm on mission and
Lost my other half but i still got my fisherman
Hat, it ain't over til the fat chickenhead catch
Aiyyo yo it's diggedy das efx
The sewer rap so iggedy act like you know though
And me the mic doc (c'mon) the micraphone's my only
Friend, can't even trust nobody
It goes liggedy-la-di-da-di
Higgedy hit you with the shotty
So to whom it may concern, from yours truly, no other
My style's butter, that's word to mother, underground gutter
B-boy brother, no singin chords, just rugged
Low budget, thought you was that nigga but you wasn't
Riggedy rough rugged and raw, straight from the floor
Fearless like the four, zsa zsa like gabor
Babe-pah, we zonin up the hydro squad by my side so
All my real heads keep it live represent



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