Letra de la canción

Intro: excerpt from movie:
"that's how you want is mousse?
Fine bitch, you got it! just you and me.... one on one!"

Run, catch and kill, this comes back
Like a boomerang with a dildo for real though (repeat)

Sell me some more dreams sucker but this ain't gettin better
In fact, this whole thing is just a game mr. tripsetter!
Everything was fly boy, til i took this little bullet
Leaving traces of cyanide in my thyroid
Not, one of you wanna be busters gave a f***!
Just out here chucklin on
The corner bout these war stories
Some more glory for the gat!
Glory for the snaps, crack the hoodrats
I use to think that it was good but
Fuck that! now i'm the one witches are hating
Because . . . bombs keep reiterating
Sista it dont take, earl to get a clue
On what you lovely cluckers are thinkin
You want to plan and try to do, but to who?
Cuz im a take a few, with me
Leaving caps all off in your femor, collar bone and kidneys!
Then im out to chase papes throwin bricks to rake in diamonds
On some new thing in some cackys and carefully criming
I talk to you when i walk to you was the message, no more cap bustin
Just strap hustlin
Ya stove top stuffin damon, watch where ya roamin!
It gets hotter than an oven havent you heard of the omen?

Hook: uh! (repeat)

You ask how could i kill a snake? on my real estate!
Cuz i can feel a fake phony comin' at me from a whole hemisphere away!
And what-do-ya know my former homey wants to roam
In my circumference
Now my bump the dumb thang its on!
So give it up cuz i'm so crazy! trip! hey!
A nine is a terrible thing to waist
So i bring it, like i sing it just in case you
Biting the hand that feeds you, and plus you ain't said your grace
I guess them stiches in yo face, wasn't enough to stop another fiasco
That's exactly what you askin' fo hoe!
But when napalm, like bombs, are dropped i
Don't see how any one can really remain calm
My target was her head!
So settle for metal returning your mental into lead bleeeed heffer!!
Bo$$ is back and ain't na sista celebrating (mmmm...)
Wonder if hey can tell i'm satan?
Why you tailgating? break trick! you out there bad!
Its time to swag, off ya baby's daddy
Look at em' still slangin', still flaming
He better watch where he roamin'
It gets hotter than an oven,
Haven't ya head of the omen?

Bridge: (repeat 1st part of hook)

Oooooh don't let me catch ya creepin (fool)
I'm sleepin' with my eyes (like a)
Open wide (with a dildo for real doe)
(well hello hello)
We got the roughest, toughest "g" ya ever seen ya'll
Toughest "g" ya ever seen ya'll
(well hello hello)
Bo$$ breaking, "g" ya ever seen ya'll
Very intelligent but still a' break ya jaw offfff,
(well hello hello)
Trigger happy, laughing with a sawed offff,
Shot gun
The most scantless "g" ya ever saw,
Rough tough quick to snuff and call ya fuc*** bluff
Dat "g", dat "g", dat "g", dat "g"

Mousse, mousse wants to douse me, douse me
With some bullets if you think ya can, can
Go through with ya plan!
Use to be the cool sista you could kick it with
Now i'm feelin wicked again and finna' trip!
Sad girl is living in a mad world
Because my baby represents ernesto and
Like a bitch she had a girl!
And on the cool mona know that i'm the locest, trust
But while we tripping some cocazoid put the joke on us
(us, us, us, us) rest in peace as we build a nation
Whisper to giggles, time to build our own operation
Cuz our men are just about skins and bustin over a truck
But i could give a damn about 500 bucks?
What about the runnin', catchin' bullets, and the killings?
What goes around comes back around to hit our siblings
If we don't recognize that we don't
Own the streets we roamin'
The worse encounter of our kind will be the omen!
While we......

Hook: (repeat)

G skills? tight
Blast? all night
Da org? original righteous g's (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Outro excerpt:
"when you lose ya homeboy, you lose ya best camarada,
You lose a part of who you are inside".


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