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Sammy And Tex



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Hey d.t. what you been up to
it's been a real long time
and your bill's past due
stop right there
don't you look away
'cause you've had your fun
now it's time to pay
Now you know that i've been waiting
and i'm really very patient
but you've really pushed me way too far
'cause you owe me thirty thousand
and with interest it's been growing
while you've hidden in these bars
Now i would have said just duck it
but then money by the bucket
i hear you're raking in
so please forgive my diction
and prepare for crucifixion
while i write your next of kin
So please don't turn away
you borrowed now you pay
seems your mind's
gone a bit off track
time to readjust
'cause sammy's back
So sammy started dealing
and d.t. started reeling
and they tumbled to the floor
the furniture was flying
and d.t. thought of dying
when tex walked through the door
Now tex he wasn't waiting
and without hesitating
grabbed sammy by the throat
and sammy started shakin'
a frightened slab of bacon
hanging like a coat
Seemed things were going right
till sammy pulled a knife sayin'
"if you want to cut the cards
sammy's gonna up the odds"
Then everything was quiet
a street after the riot
and the silence hung like death
and tex he wasn't breathing
his body lay there bleeding
a knife inside his chest
When d.t. saw his friend there
he quickly lost his terror
as something tore inside
his face was clenched in hatred
as his mind formulated
how this pimp would die
Sammy saw it in his eyes
and thought retreat would be wise
Saying "seems i've stayed
a bit too long
so i'll take my things
and sammy's gone"

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