Disco 'Dead American Radio' (2006) al que pertenece la canción 'She's The Only One'

She's The Only One

Left Alone


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This is all new
Is the first thing that she said
With a simple look
Pale like the living dead

Can't continue
But I don't want you to stop
From the 2nd of September
It's the first time we took a walk

And shes the only one
That showed me what its like
Well I'm broken hearted but
I swear that tonight I'm gonna be alright

And she's the only one
That truly understands
Well I'm broken hearted but
I swear that tonight I'll be holding her hand

Days come and days go
But what I feel is still the same
Love don't come often through my street
But this time I wanted to stay

Loneliness was my best friend
Back when I had no one to love
But now I've got her by my side
And this time we are gonna rise above

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