Between Home And Serenity

Letra de la canción

So this will be the last time
that I see your face
when I'm choking you (yeah)
stealing the breath from your lungs
I don't know who this will hurt more
you or me
so please don't walk, walk away,
from this
you know that
you're running out of time,
say goodbye now
I'm leaving you here
Now it's time,
Now it's time to run...
Walk away, away..
As your smile begins to fade
I forget all the dreams we made
Please Remember
Now that this coffin lid is closed
I'm left on my own here
staring out in front of me
there is nothing left that I can do
to retrace the footsteps back to you
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#154)

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