I Don't Wanna Be No J.B.J.


Letra de la canción

don't wanna be no superstar
don't wanna be no jon bon jovi
i only wore my leathers once
but i was drunk.....
and that's another story
don't wanna go on mtv
i don't wanna be another rock singer
but i'll take that limosine
and diamond rings to put on every finger!

don't wanna be no washed p hippy
don't wanna be a butt-sucking sellout
after every tour, i'm in betty ford
hangin' with the guys
and tryin' to get the hell out
don't wanna be no metal hero
don't wanna have a laser light show
and when i've gone as far as i can go
i'll quit the band and go solo!

don't wanna be no jon bon jovi
grow my hair down to my buttcheeks
don't wanna be no jon bon jovi
wearing leather pants on mtv.....
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: vane/182 (#146)

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