Faxed Head

Letra de la canción

The Colors of Coalinga
lyrics by McPatrick Head & Graph Head
music by Faxed Head
When I came to this city, the highway lined with colors
Red, white and blue, with green and purple food wrappers
You can come and see, or live here with me
Mary Poppins played here; it was not the premiere
But we were there, Faxed Head, high on glue
Pregnant with desire, to see her on our proud screen
A Christian runs the BP, a man of peace, he helped me
He brought a flower to my bed
At the hardware store, good cheer
As I buy some epoxy cement
I love what I see, thank you glue.
In spring, at Burger King, they put up orange banners
In December, they put up red
In their parking lot, I shot myself
As I bled into my can of glue
I felt a communion with my hometown.

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#11)

Faxed Head
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