Faxed Head

Letra de la canción

Big Ol' Cheese
lyrics by McPatrick Head
music by Faxed Head
It creeps me makes me weep, wee!
To see that roasted piece chunk of cheese
Placed on your belly and eating the child
Unborn by the will of Mr. Cheng
And it creeps me makes me weep, wee!
When that piece chunk makes an appearance
At the premiere of my 26 films
And I go wee wee when cheese eat Mr. Cheng
These cheeses creep me make me weep, wee!
They eat Cheng and then they eat more men
And cheeses, they got the power
Cheng's boo boo may cut up you and you and you
Big ol' throbbing cheese makes me weep, wee!
It carries salmonella through cheese in mayo
Mayo can be good can be not so good
But it's really bad when it make you poo poo

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#11)

Faxed Head
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