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Bring The Dead Boy Peace
lyrics by McPatrick Head
music by Faxed Head
People are always talking in this little town
We are its pride and its shame
So we come up in conversation now and again.
I knew something was wrong
When I overheard a Mormon elder at the Burger King
Talking about how to bring the dead boy peace

There was a drowning in Coalinga
An accidental death, the boy died
Now when this kind of thing happens
They all start talking about us even more
They say the dead boy's life was stolen
But we were willing to throw ours away

I have said time and time again
That our failed suicide pact was a mistake
But because we have not cut our hair
And joined up with the Mormon Church
There's always been this lingering feeling
That we think what we did was right

You can't bring the dead boy peace
By scowling at those of us who are alive
We didn't kill your son sorry please
You'll never bring the dead boy peace.

I didn't know the dead boy
But I placed a bouquet of spirulina on his grave
There's no hidden messages in our music
It's all printed there on the lyric sleeve
Pied pipers of death? I can barely breathe!
Now get off our cases please

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#11)

Faxed Head
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