Reap my soul.
I whisper cruel words that only I can hear.
I dream in a never ending line of tragedy.
disposition neckbraced by insecurity.
Let freedom ring in my ears painfully.
And muffle this bell with the
hand of pessimism
and render it useless.
you can't stop this thought
like a passing trainwreck
it barrels through my brain, paralyzing.
In this state your words
become the daggers
and I'm left bleeding.
These wounds of trust I know
as tunnel vision creates
my only sanctuary.
As hope manifests
itself in the thought of an end.
A lifht. A fighting chance.
A dying breath. Reap my soul.
I'm not sure I can go on.
So drag me down into your world.
Replace my heart with your machine and see if it still bleeds.
Become my enemy. My eyelids become my enemies
I fight then to save myself from the scene.
As the groundwork for my nightmares
is created I stand helpless to this chaos in my head
and yet the chaos stands beautifully now
like a carefully designed city of conformity.
I'll keep you awake tonight
and I'll hurt you until sunrise
in the attempt to displace this pusing attack on my senses.
Drag me down now.
Replace my heart with your machine and see if it still bleeds.
I'll cover my tracks so you can't trace this accident to me.
Drag me down now.

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