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Heroes De La Antartida
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Heroes De La Antartida (en español)

18 January from 1912 the capitan scott acompanado of evans,
wilson, bowers and oates, reaches the south pole
but fails in the hazana to be the first one,
On the point of latitude 0 the flag ripples already
Norway of the explorer amundsen.
exhausted and unsuccessful they return.

16 of February south pole five
English by the desert blue evans goes I finalize
f the row and hanging of its backpack goes the death
willing to show that once dead not itself this Al in that place

Do not there was stones if there was talks that
God save the queen eternal glory to the heroes of The Antartida

6 of March and oates does not be able but are its feet
Two cleavers of crystal of dragged in some sections
has frosts tambien the hands but nobody wants to abandon
him and while they sleep al leaves step of the eternity

Do not there was the Ask if there was talks that
God save the queen eternal glory to the heroes The Antartida

30 of March aqui finishes the newspaper of bowers,
Wilson and scott that the aids that never arrived
they go us to the ones that they remained
our widowed our children as a groins die three

Do not there was stone do not there was talk not hub
Or God neither there was alone reign eternal snows in The Antartida

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HEROES DE LA ANTARTIDA es una canción de Mecano del año 1988, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Descanso dominical. Agradecemos a patri_bep por haber sudido la letra de Heroes De La Antartida en español.

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  • Entre las 14 canciones del álbum "Descanso Dominical", el grupo incluyó “Héroes de la Antártida” en homenaje a la expedición británica en 1912. La conquista del Polo Sur, el lugar más inhóspito del Planeta, la gran epopeya de aquellos aventureros de principios del siglo XX. Un homenaje merecido para unos triunfadores que llegaron segundos.