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Taþ (English translation)

by N/A
Don't be fooled by my calm appearance
I'm like those storms that break without warning
So please, don't knowingly hurt me
I'll become a pawn in your game, I'll make you sorry...
I won't let this stand,
I'll ruin others for you.
Have you forgotten all those dreams we made together?
Eye to eye, knee to knee, those pleasant conversations

Many seasons I waited for you.
I pine away, I long for your summer
Oh my... oh my... oh my... oh my.
What did I do wrong, what was my mistake? Tell me!
No where can you go so fearlessly
I will search and find your trace,
You know I'm completely crazy.
I'll utterly destroy everything, I'll come after you
I'll be a stone on your roads,
You'll trip and fall. Oh! You'll get tired.
Those distances are forbidden to us,
Come give it up; or you'll go to waste.
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#11)

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