Letra de la canción

I was near to you still yesterday
For many days I moved forward (No...)
For many years I lived forward (No...)

Being near to you made me hurt even more
On many dreams forward (No...)
For many years forward I called (No...)

Close to you on many notes
Strings are forward for many years (No...)
Forward as we still ring (No...)

Close to you, life still goes on
I have put forth so much time (No...)
For many years forward I have not (NO!!)

Being next to you I still shiver
On many words forward (NO!!)
A seperate voice for many years forward (NO!!)

I am near to you once again
There is silence for many miles around (NO!!)
War for many years forward
NO!! NO!!
NO!! NO!!
NO!! NO!! NO!!
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#10)

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