(You've broken my heart)

Boy, you tell me we'll never part
Hold you from the very start
Now I've got to get this guy out of my head
Before I lose control

You were the only man to be my love, be my love
Now it's ancient, you know that you cut me like a knife

You've broken my heart, broken my heart
This can't be right, no no not right
I'm telling you I know it's true
That I'd die for you, die for you
Baby, broke my heart

(Oh no no)

Baby you were everything (everything)
Now you say it's over
I know that you won't be coming back

You've broken my heart
Torn me apart
It can't be right
Baby I would fly to see
Even in you, even in you
Broken my heart, broken my heart
Right from the start, yeah from the start
I just can't believe it's true
You threw me away, threw me away
Baby broke my heart

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