Broke Box

Letra de la canción

Your world is an ashtrey
we burn and coil like cigarettes
the more u cry ur ashes turn to mud

the nature of the leeches
the virgin's feeling cheated
u've only spent a second of ur life

my world is unaffected
there is an exit here
I say it is then it's true
there is a dream inside a dream
I'm wide awake the more I sleep
u'll understand when I'm dead

I went to god just to see
and I was lookin at me
saw that heaven and hell were lies
when I'm god everyone dies!!

scar scar can u feel my power
shot here and the world gets smaller
scar scar can u feel my power
one shot and the world gets smaller

let's jump upon the sharp swords
cut away our smiles
without the threat of death
there's no reason to live at all


each thing I show u is a piece of my death
no salvation no forgiveness...

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#10)

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