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Break down the fear
I got my animosity
I'm gonna break it down
Armegeddon is comin'
So you better start runnin'
'Cause the big wave
Is comin' to the shore
No surprise that you
See thru the lies
Of the system that's rotten
To the core
High tech surveilance
Paranoia & violence
Keeping the city at a calm
Break down, break down
Tear it apart
The thing's going off Like a bomb
Helicopter's come down on me tonight
My brother's sellin' cocaine
He knows how to fight
Hounded and harrassed
In a power elite bought
Sun ain't arise
So I abide by my route
I remember a cold December
When I heard the revolution rock
Didn't hear what they were saying
I ran thru the mayhem of a police state
On my back high tech surveilance...

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