Kim Wilde

Another Step (closer To You) - Letra

Kim Wilde

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Written by kim wilde & steve byrd
Never, ever felt this way before
you are the one that i'am craving for
Another step nearer your heart
another step closer to knowing you
another step nearer your heart
i'm on my way
I never thought it could happen
being close to someone like you
but you know this isn't just a minute affair
if we make time and take a lot of care
i love everything about it
there's such a good feel about it
and i know where i'm gonna be
if you take a step closer to me
I couldn't even describe it
though i tried i couldn't find the words
when you're stumbling through life
and love is one step away
carry on or do you stay
we've got to promise faithfully
to hang on to each other and never leave
that's the way love's gonna be
if you take a step closer to me - come on now
The only way to deal with affairs of the heart
you've got to jump right in, doesn't matter who starts
take a step nearer, come over here
together we can make it tonight

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