Canción 'Slice Paper Wrists' del disco 'The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation)' interpretada por Poison The Well

Slice Paper Wrists Letra y Canción

Poison The Well

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SLICE PAPER WRISTS es una canción de Poison The Well que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Opposite of December (A Season of Separation).


'Slice Paper Wrists'

When you read this
I will not be the same
I have let my true form show
This is my last
Lost in all my guilt

For letting you fall
Understand it wasn't me
But I can't dream without showing intentions
As I ask these questions
Where were you

Now I can't see through your eyes
I remember the day the sun went out
It halted all progression with all its beauty
It just sacrificed
We fell apart

[Repeat: x3]
Sincerely yours I've disowned you

Sincerely yours I've disowned us