Ol Skool

Letra de la canción

No one can love ya girl

As much as I do

No one can hold you

The way that I do

And girl without you

Here by my side

There's no way I'd continue to carry out

This life that I live


Before you go

Just let me say to you

That I still care for you

And I'll do anything

To let you know

I'm still in love with you

Baby don't let this chance slip away


I never thought that I

Would see the day

That you would feel for me

To walk away

So girl lemme say that

I apologize

For all of the wrong

That I've done to

You're all that I've got

Chorus 1X

I'll give you three reasons why

Why I can't let ya go

One, I still love you

Two, I still need you

Three, I can't let ya go

Oh, no I just can't let ya go

No, go, go, can't let ya go


Repeat Chorus 4Xs

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