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Caleuche`s Crewmen:
Oh! Flying Dutchman
Respected by your crew
Trust in the power
Of your men
Oh! Flying Dutchman
Respected by your crew
Flier of the seas
You will guide us in this ship

I venerate the lord of the ocean every day,
I belong to this phantom crew
The sweet home could be yours
But the island creatures stole your illusion

As an expiatory soul I search for a hope
Of freedom, the answer to my past
Damned bird, he announced your tragedy
Everything started that day

Another night and the same singing
Other sailors arrived at the ship
They are brought in the same way I was
Not only my shoulder is paralyzed but also my soul

Brutal sacrilege
So innocent, so little, you were the first victim
The wizards needed a guardian and you were the chosen one
Your mother couldn’t stand it and suicide was her answer

My beautiful bride, ran away from home,
Anguished she searched for her family
But the man from the forest found her before
She was never mine but his

He engendered the cause of your madness
To forget, you left your horrible son behind
Her pain makes me hate that profaning man
My sweet bride I’ll never have

Slave of the sky
My only companion is that bird
Day after day she flies over the
She is my lover suffering her own disgrace
Into a bird she was transformed for life
Slave of the sky! Wings of hate!
Dark poem
Slave of the sky! Wings of hate!
Slave of the skies!

Frozen lips in the night
My turn I had harassed by that spectrum
One scary night I came up with the answer:
Everything was lost...

Here in this ghost ship
I only remember those days
Days of the tragedy
I don’t want past, present not even consciousness
I can’t understand this destiny

You will never understand
The pride of this island
Distant legends were your own nightmare
The truth and the fantasy can be the same
You built the story living the island tales
That are told by the wind and the sea

You will never understand
The pride of this island
You will never understand
The pride of this island

The tragedy of those days comes to my mind
I should be dead but the old omen
Damned me to this eternal life
For my disgrace, I will fly over the sea forever...

Letra añadida por: Daalpiga (#18.316)

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