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Break Me Even - Letra


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Its hard to clean the blood of the dead
Its hard to escape the fear in your head
But you know what
I can retreat
I will not slaughter my dreams inside
I will triumph over better times
Grief and despair I do not care
No regrets

I see the cup as half empty
I look for a brighter day
We talked all night
Mistakes were made

We use art
To save ourselves from the truth
For I cannot fail
I have only found a billion
Ways it hasn't worked
Wisdom speaks
But knowledge listens
I often regret my speech
Never my silence

Fill what's empty,
empty what's full
and scratch where it itches
a pint of sweat saves a gallon of blood
lets toast to that

When my ideas fail
Words come in handy
How do you speak
When you choke on you words
I've swallowed my pride
My pride is fire
This light burns inside
Love is friendship set on fire