Canción 'Snakes' interpretada por Robert Downey Jr

Snakes Letra

Robert Downey Jr

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SNAKES es una canción de Robert Downey Jr.

Letra 'Snakes'

You have body,
you give soul,
you soul survior,
it's so,
it's so clear,
i like long gone songs of old you say " throughout the year",
it'll be like love is for the rest of our lives,
i won't have to run around baby you won't have to think twice,
let me tell you somethin' about those snakes in the grass,
they're a bunch of bleedin' bug bites talkin' how it won't last,
yeah yeah yeah yeah,
oh oh go on,
gimmie your body won't you give me your sweet soul,
love will you take over our love,
will you take control,
pick a shovel,
fill my little holes,
drive me to the red line and climb my every flagpole,
theres a bee,
there's an exra nice garden out there,
all these problems fears,
where the free sun always glistens,
you eated up my fears,
hey yeah yeah,
(ad lib to fade)