Canción 'We stand' del disco 'The Fall of Ideals' interpretada por All That Remains

We stand Letra y Canción

All That Remains

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WE STAND es una canción de All That Remains que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Fall of Ideals.


'We stand'

As if this could change us
Our roots are deeper than that

Born and bred the masters of
And of our hearts

Take the best of me and
Watch my world fall apart
Still I remain steadfast in my heart

Walk a darkened road and
We will be our own light
Our foundation our core is strong
Stand for what's right

We stand again, it breaks my heart
The anger burns and I fall apart

Seasons change me,
But they won't change my core
I have struggled I've fought for less
Still this I know

Belief within my self
Shall drive me further on
Still I fear that the past remains
And so shall I