lovin' you
is easy cause your beautiful

come on
now girl your beautiful
so beautiful
it tears me up like what

no matter how
how much i get it
never seems to be enough

we've had our
ups and downs
our highs and lows
and everytime we fight its like more of the juice exposed

but you know
thats just they way love goes
if i wasnt passionate about it
baby then i wouldnt explode

oh, oh temper temper
well here we go again
cause im your lover, your protector
and your very best friend

there aint a doubt in my mind
that we were meant to be
baby girl your so fine
feel my frequency

i want you next to me
for the rest of my life
im singin' no more lonley nights
like Bob Marley

everything is gonna be alright
said i want you by my side
'till the day that I die
we can drink get high

we can dance all night
under the monlight
tongue and cheek
i got you freakin' on me

baby please


now when the sky is fallin' down
girl i found that your the cure
'cause your the only thing thats real
when im feelin' insecure

your always there for me
when i need someone to care for me
apparently you made the right move
rather carefully

so till the end im lovin' you
kissin' you and huggin' you
even though your friends have got
a different point of view

and after everything
that we've been through
it's really easy lovin' you
it's true

my heart has got
the scars to prove
im obsessed with you
and everything you do

its magical
it brings me close to you
close is true
i dont know what you do

and i remember when we started
everything was so real
and there's no words to express
the way you make me feel

and lovin' you aint hard
it's easy 'cause your beautiful
and who knows what's comin' next
our sex is like a ritual

ooh child
baby girl you got a place in my heart
you either hold my life together
or you break it apart


you really got a hold on me
dont you ever let go
dont you let me be
'till I tell you so

you on my mind all the time
your so controlable
'cause you oh so fine
and im claiming you as mine

woah-oh hey no
how low will i go
how high can i get
i've lost all control

woah-oh hey no
how far will we go
you got a hold on my soul
dont you ever let go


loving you


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