Letra de la canción

When you see that in the world
There is something that does not go,
And if you feel that a friend can betray You.

When it rains on wetted,
when a killer wins
When you see in the sky an ovni,
And is not the innovation.

When Michael Jackson sings,
in your people(village) indeed.

When it is time of storm
When you want to escape
He Thinks that I will be there

At the time, pa, pa, pa, pa Besémonos
By night, then, pa, pa, pa, pa
Besémonos ten hours,
And then, pa, pa, pa, pa,
Besémonos the neck,
besémonos in dreams Pa, pa, pa
, besémonos the eyes
Pa, pa, pa, besémonos the mouth
At the time, pa, pa pa, pa,
Besémonos by night, besémonos then..

When out there is a typhoon
And you you inform for the radio
And screaming at any voice
Since they do not listen to you any more
When the sea is so black
That itdoes not seem to be certain
When it is a time of vintage
And you work only....
A blasphemy escapes from you
When it(he,she) comes spring
Not veia with the snow
He thinks that I will be with you there....

Letra añadida por: r0b1n@-hO0Dd (#38.539)

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