So Hard To Forget del álbum 'Subir Al Cielo'

So Hard To Forget


La canción 'So Hard To Forget' se estrenó en 2000. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Subir Al Cielo

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I was so obsessed with the look in her eyes
It was so intense to see her body over mine
She was just so perfect, I have to confess
I thought maybe this time, my broken heart would mend

Then I kissed her lips
And I dreamed that they were yours
Then I realized the truth
That my world just falls apart without you

You're so hard to forget
So hard to erase
Your kisses, your face, the nights, the love that we made
When I made her mine
I saw you in her eyes
How foolish to try and pretend
That a night with her would make me forget

Uhhh ohhh....

I still wonder why you decided to leave
I felt you took away even the air I breath (the air, the air, theair that I breath)
Now I only hope you see my love through my tears...oh...
Cause living without you is my deepest fear

You were for so long (so long)
Not just my lover, but my friend (my friend)
You made my world a better place
I just can't live another day without you


Since then everynight
You live in my mind
Come back, baby, please
I just want you so bad

Yabadaba...oh oh oh...
I want you, I need you so bad
Yabadaba...oh oh oh...


Cause I just can't let ya (let you go)
Can't forget ya (it's just so hard)
Just can't let ya
Let you out of my heart
It's so hard
Cause I just can't let ya, can't forget ya
Can't forget your kisses
Can't forget ya
All the nights and the love we made
So hard to forget

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