Letra de la canción

Don't, don't make wars and walkaway
even in the streets your feet don't move
see their faces through the perspex
turn to stare back up at you
you, your eyes are green and mine are blue
in the subway darkness I am watching you

Oh my-my, you are so sci-fi,
please will you let me ride?

Johnny, riding on the monorail (x3)

Oooh, you know that life is terminal,
it's the Paris pullman in your mind again
eyes like cameras move their lenses
take this dream I offer you

Johnny, riding on the monorail (x3)

All we cannot see we call invisible
Tracks that move on pylons through the sky
oh my my you are so sci-fi
please will you let me ride

Johnny, riding on the monorail (x3)

Johnny on the monorail (x7)

Letra añadida por: carlos_t (#11)

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