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Antifreeze & Aeroplanes

The Moffatts


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I can feel your stare
i'm caught up in the after glare
something tells me your not there
Mindless and abused
you don't know you're losing you
your everything has been misused
can't you see what i'm trying to say
don't you see that your in pain
your in pain
can't you see what i'm trying to say
antifreeze and aeroplanes
killing you and killing me
i'll tell you what
we could fly away
antifreeze and aeroplanes
Before you know
you're much too weak
to the point
the fall's too steep
it's too late now
it's too late now
you're in too deep
Can't you see what i'm trying to say
can't you see what i'm trying to say
Spred your wings and shed the pain
Spiral down now
spiral down now, i'm so down now
falling, falling...

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