Infame - Putita

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Putita Letra

Without mercy you leave back a séquito of vain idolatry
sos so spectacular that you nothing else do not prune
to be mine tenés that to be of all.
The skin, the lips and where bambula grazes
they will be my meadow, my orchard.
I already know the way to the fame does not mean anything
if there is no a mission
which is? hacerte very putita, to prove your galletita
with all devotion.
Special taxes that impression of being the action that
incarnates the tenderness to your around there is no humility,
Venus is cartoon
tenés that to be of all.

Datos de esta canción

PUTITA es una canción de Babasónicos que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Infame. Agradecemos a pelukin por haber sudido la letra de Putita (en inglés).