Canción 'Still Alive' del disco 'Haunted' interpretada por Six Feet Under

Still Alive Letra y Canción

Six Feet Under

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STILL ALIVE es una canción de Six Feet Under que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Haunted.


'Still Alive'

dead, but now I wake
Rotten - eight years in the grave
smell the ripe decay
No eyes in my skull, but I still see

Alive, I'm dead, alive - something has given me life

Cut me I bleed no blood
stab my skin, out runs the pus
try to kill what's already dead
A dead corpse living rotten
Resting dead - now I rise
from the grave, my flesh is decayed

Alive, I'm dead, alive

You tried to kill me
I don't die that easily
back from the dead
I live again

Alive, I'm dead, alive - something has given me life

drinking the blood from a severed head
living flesh soon will rotten
horrors of the undead
A headless corpse, dead - convulsing
bleeding, no blood left
No way to kill what is dead

Alive, I'm dead, alive