Avril Lavigne

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I don`t believe in everything you said
so perfect said
so perfect watched
you don`t know how much
I loved you, how much I love you.
You hurt me
you kill me
you hurt me
are you happy?

I don`t, I don`t believe you.
F*** you
don`t look my eyes
don`t tell me what you
tell me
because you hurt me.

One more girl
one more loved
You say I mean alot to you
I`m not sure if you
still feeling this.
I don`t think so.
And now you trate me
so diferent, oh shit
what a day
what a fuc*** day.
you hurt me
you kill me
you hurt me
are you happy now?
And that`everything
you wanted,
to be not with me
you say you love me
I don`t believe you...
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: keizy

Avril Lavigne
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