Any Old Time Of The Day Letra y Canción

Dionne Warwick

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ANY OLD TIME OF THE DAY es una canción de Dionne Warwick del año 1968, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Dionne Warwick's Golden Hits Part 1.


'Any Old Time Of The Day'

Don't think because you've been running around,
i won't answer the phone when your world tumbles down,
you can call me,
any old time of the day,
and i'll be there.
if you ever need someone to cry to,
i've got a shoulder to spare,
remember, i still care.
it doesn't matter that you broke my heart,
my heart still loves you so,
it doesn't matter that you left my arms.
my arms still need you so,
and even though you walked out of my life,
you are my life,
you are my love,
for always!
(music repeats from the top to the end of the second line -- pick up
vocal repeat from "you can call me...." & go to the end)

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