Rick Wakeman

Letra de la canción

Senses dead, the time has come.
To stop and dwell on ruined time.
Wasted wars and selfish pride.
Leaving tastes of music wine.
Searching useless wasted mind.
Reaching for the reapers hand.
Lead him from his suicide.
Please, is there a Promised Land.

Let me guide your journey long.
Leave then while they mourn.
We will journey back in time.
And you will be reborn.
From you I shall take your music.
Place it back on earth.
You shall witness long its voyage.
A music soul rebirth.

Did you see the graves today.
With weeds all overgrown.
Wilting plants, like man to dust.
Nowhere life is sown.

@SONG: The Prisoner

The shadow of the noose grew long
A sun dial of the time
The prisoner had left to live
A self inflicted crime
To pay with death for pain he gave
To those he soon will meet
The rope hung loosely round his neck
The Devil at his feet

"You shall hang," said the judge,
For your presence here on earth,
is no use for those who wish to live in peace.
Your evil is forever.
"You shall hang", said the judge.
"You shall hang,
You shall hang,
You shall hang."

The hangman checked the rope
Aware the prisoner was afraid
The preacher softly praying
To Our Lord his soul to save
The blindfold placed around his eyes
An unlit funeral pyre
The hangman pulled the lever
He heard an astral choir

One man's life has cost another
You shall not lie in sacred ground
The time has come to meet your Maker
Down on earth, they heard no sound

Your evil is for ever,
"You shall hang," said the judge.
All earthly life in you has ceased.

He tried to call out to the Maker
On no earthly soil he fell
The Maker motioned all around
He felt his soul dragged down to Hell
He saw the man that he had murdered
People he had pained on earth
Of souls returning reincarnate
No hope for his rebirth

"You shall hang", said the Maker,
For your presence on our planes,
Is no use for those who wish to rest in peace.

Your evil is for ever,
"You shall hang", said the Maker
You shall hang,
You shall hang. You shall hang.

Letra añadida por: MakUnoUchi

Rick Wakeman
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