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Lets go! Bring it on!
im freddy number1 limpdawg
alien night train layin down the law
all around the world everybody wanna see
my 5 knuckle grip on this M.I.C
weavin in and out with this old school funk
keepin bass line sticky like i buy u skunk
5 more seconds till this shit takes off
best buckle up before your shit gets tossed
dont press your luck- you might get fuc*** up
oh my gosh its the cops at the door,
they wanna stop all the mosh on the floor
they wanna keep me in line so i break me a rhyme for your mind and im dressed to kill
livin low with my flow im a creep im a vampire startin fires in the street
like a snake sneaking up in the grass with the beat you can blask takin chunks out your ass
all around the world you know me
all around the world we know u
all you mcs wakin up from a nap
better fix a target on my red ball cap
and if u aint got 20/20 on your sight
meet me at the show il be rockin all night
better bring a friend and a girlie if you got it
we sure could use a pass to my backstage party
now im outta line and i like it like that
just another fool on the limpdawgs track
oh my gosh... its the cops here again
and they wanna lock a dog in a pen
they wanna try to control how we rock and we roll cos they know im a fugitive
on the run is my mic like a gun and i use the stage to release all my rage
gimme 1 gimme 2 gimme 3 gimme britney and i rock it like a G

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