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'Spark Another Owl' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom.


Once again the powers of the herb open up the mind
Seek deep inside, tell me what you find
Come on

Who be the ones steppin' in the room
Everybody welcome to the temple of boom
Back, let me see ya fat indo sack
And get weeded, somebody, everybody need it
Mari-Juana, Mari-Juana, do ya wanna
Give me love when I put the flame on ya
Homie I'm the one with the shotgun,in the closet
Next to the Glad bags full of chronic
Puto, don't ya be steppin', with ya hands open
Askin' me \"can I get a hit of what t'cha smokein'\"
I ain't got no kind of love for a brother
Who comes to the party, with no bud
I be smokein' this, indo-blazin', funk buddah
Everybody, wanted it, now they talk about the hooter
Up until the summer of '91
Wasn't no mutha fuckas talkin' 'bout smokein' blunts
From the west coast to the east coast
Everybody be braggin'
But , I'm the one who be puffin' most
First it started with the nickel, then the dime
Then the Twenty, spendin' up all my money
Now, I roll with an elbow
With the pound in the pad smokein' up the indo
Just take a deep breath (Ahh)
Hit it then pass it to the left
You can keep the mutha fuckin' stress
Smoke it up, just puff it up, (O yea)
Light it up, then put your spliff up in the air

Do you wanna spark another owl?
Do you wanna spark another owl?

Everybody spark another owl
Everybody spark another owl

I wanna spark another owl
I wanna spark another owl

Do you wanna spark another owl?
Do you wanna spark another owl?

Yea, stroll the ways of the buddah mastas, brings me to the
Temple of boom, I see people everywhere startin' to understand the
Point, when I'm talking about the joint, talkin' 'bout that marijuana
Talkin' 'bout the sense, talkin' 'bout the kind mota boca loa-loa
Maui,maui, lugers of work- ready, mexican greenba, cheeba, cheeba y'all

Yeska, humble pound weed, the crypt, the choclate tide, the afgani, the
Meefrakan, the indo, the skonka, the bad breath sense (cough)

Hello everyone, I'm Kurt Loaded, we're here t hemp TV, with
Cypress Hill in Amsterdam we're listening to there new album, I'm
Stoned, I'm outta here, Goodbye folks

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