A Corazón Abierto de Alejandro Fernández

Canta Corazón en inglés

Alejandro Fernández

'Canta Corazón' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco A Corazón Abierto.


Canta Corazón (en inglés)

It sings Heart
That my eyes already saw it this way
That I have dreamed about its laughter, that I have passed by its house
That it has come because wants to be happy.

It sings Heart
That the love of my loves already this here
That I have kept each letter, that escribi with the words
That you seeded in each kiss that I gave you.

And with time it thought to you obstinate at my hands
And with rain it consoled your absence in the years
And with time wise I who someday
Moririas to return.

You I said it singing, you I said it front
That volverias with me
Volverias because you do not want to lose to me.

You I said it singing, you I said it front
That without my kisses you cannot begin a morning
And to remove to me from your life
And of your mind.

It sings Heart
That in the life that was written she and I
Eramos April and March Sings Heart
A drop in the desert
That we went to be as together as the moon and the sun

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