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Speed Of Silence

Dog's Eye View


All the letters I ever wrote you,
And some of them I even sent
All this time we've been waiting
For this moment to arrive
And now it's here
Now I know I could kiss you,
But before I do
Do we want to let go
Of this magic,
And let it turn to truth
From mystery,
Let all this hope be history

And it's as fast as fear,
As it cuts away the sound
And slaps you when you're smiling
Just how easily you lose
Everything you've found
At the speed of silence

When you told me you loved me,
And I didn't say a word
I said I was sorry
And you pretended
You never heard at all
It's funny how the tears
Can well up,
But neither of us ever drown
How many times
We bring the sun up, sure
It won't fall down
And there it goes
And leaves us staring
At our toes

It's the way the wind blows the water
But nothing underneath it moves
When I asked you what you wanted
You didn't speak and then I knew
Everything was ruined again