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Ur rap en - spiderman
you high baby?
talk to me
you want me to tell you something?
uh huh
i know what you want to hear
A chorus
cuz, i know you like it sticky, i think like it too, i think i’ll rub you baby, "i think i’ll rub you too"/i'm here to save you girl, come be in spidey’s world, i want to grow together, let's let our love unfurl/you know you’ll f*** me baby, you know i’ll f*** you too, they call me spiderman, i'm here to play with you/i want to shag you girl, come be in spidey's world, "ooooh boy you gave me rabies," bitch you make me hurl...
Verse 1
they call me spiderman, f*** yall hoes in a single bound, i'm pimpin now, stick to beds instead of walls now i'd never let another chick bring me down, in a relationship, save it bitch, web your tits? you make me sick spiderman ain't stickin' shit, girl you can jump on spidey's dick crack from the whip, cut to the chase, i stip 'em off, like a slut, to her face/ play some games, get your chains, ever since i broke up with mary jane/i'm a different man, kiss my ass, suck your tits, bitch why ask? kiss my dick, get my cash? i'd rather have you whip my ass don't put out, i'll put you out. won't get out, i'll push you out/ pussy gotten out, suckin’ tits, wouldn't piss on fire to put you out am i too nice? buy you ice? bitch if you died, i wouldn't buy you life what you tryin' to be my new wife? what you mariah? fly through twice.
but i do know one thing though, bitches, i come they blow. saturday through sunday, monday, monday through sunday yo maybe i'll bum you one day, you’ll be my favorite ho, till then just sit your drunk ass on that fuckin' runway yo.
B chorus
cus i can't be your spiderman, can't be your spiderman, can't be your spiderman, can't be your spiderman i can't be your spiderman, can't be your spiderman, can't be your spiderman, your spiderman, your spiderman.

Verse 2
don't get me wrong, i love these hoes, it's no secret, everybody knows/yeah we fuc***, bitch so what, that's about as far as your lovin goes we'll be friends, i'll f*** you again, i'll chase take off every bra you wear then ho you’ll trim that pubic hair, we'll see how much you'll be partying then/you want that, so do i, i don't want you to flip when i pimp you to guys/too much pride, between you and i, not a jealous man, but females cry/but i guess that's just what sluts do, how would you ever know what to do?/i'd never pimp you enough to trust you, we just met and i just fuc*** you.
A chorus/b chorus
Verse 3
first thing you say, "i'm not fazed, i hang around superheroes all day i don't see what the big deal is anyways, you're just plain old franklin to me" oooh yah girl run that game, "mary jane, i love that name, love that mask, what you say? rot in pieces? uh, that's great"/first off you don't know franklin, bitch so keep on spankin, that mother fuc*** asshole, i’ll crap you with a whip, bitch i don’t take no shit, god i’m horny, your hotter than a water bottle, bitch your gon be my whore, till you can’t take no more. whoah bitch that’s too damn bad, hands out and fuckin’ grab. so don’t be fuckin’ wack, i’ll put you on remand, whip your ass right on the crack.girl you fuc*** make me sick, shut up and suck my dick.
A chorus/b chorus
B chorus x2

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