Alyssa Milano

Letra de la canción

You should a known that people talk
You didn't try to cover up
I really thought I'd win your love
But that's all over
You didn't think that I would know
I didn't want a romeo
A lot of guys come on to me
But I stood by you
It could have been one for the other
I've always given you everything
And when you run for cover
Don't come to me in the heat of the night cause

* It's no secret
Everybody says you've been playin' around
And it's no secret
All my girlfriends saw what's been goin' down

You're busted

You wanna be a friend of me
Why don't you try reality
And what am I supposed to do
When you don't respect me
I thought that we could have some fun
Now everything's been said and done
I know when I get over you
I'll find someone else

You should have told me you loved me
Cause now I'm never gonna feel the same
I figured that I could trust you
But I know to you that this love's just a game

** And it's no secret
Everybody knows you're just playin' the part
And it's no secret
I was good to you and you broke my heart
It's no secret
You wouldn't know a good thing if it came around
And it's no secret
That you've been doin' every girl in town

You do what you want you don't think of me
You better know my love ain't free
I sit at home while you play the town
You think you're a man but you're getting me down
So go do your girlfriend and I hope you have fun
If I see you again you better run
You think you're a playboy that's fine with me
But understand somethin' sucker you're history

It could have been on for the other
I've always given you everything
I figured that I could trust you
I know to you that this love's a game

* Repeat

** Repeat

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Alyssa Milano
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