'I´m going bananas' de Madonna (I'm Breathless)

I´m going bananas


'I´m going bananas' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco I'm Breathless.


I´m going bananas and i feel like my poor little
mine is being devoured by piranhas
but I´m going bananas and you would too if
you were me I´m non campos mentis
and I feel like my tooth´s being
drilled my mouyh´s being
killed by a dentist but I´m non campos
mentis and i like it who know?

Could be the tropic heat or
something that i eat
that made me gonzo i don´t carry
on but i´m going bananas would
you get me a bed in the
ha-hacienda for all my
reggata but i´m going bananas.

Is the doctor in?
i´m going misshuge all day long .
theres a man in my brain
exessively playing booga wooga
but i´m going misshuge
there´s bats in my belfry would
you make sure they stay
jacked inside?

Otherwise i´ll see kill myslf-ee
for there bats in my
belfry who know?
could be the wine , i think
that made me gonzo oh, dr. Orlando
say i´m going bananas
wont´t you get me a bed in the
casa de loco for all
my reggata but i´m going bananas
si , i´m going bananas , yes
i´m going bananas ,
ay, ay , ay , ay.

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