Stay out of my business & stay out of my life!
i got a million ways to prove that u aint my wife!

its as simple as dis, wit a flick of my wrist, i can drop as sick as ray's bitch/
only tyme u see men shot, is when kurts dicks at ya lips/
Ya men is holdin heat? from a click dats a snitch & i got ya style 'down pat' like
blocked kicks afta 6/
workin at a movie-trailor da last tyme dis kid packin clips, push ya lid back den dip/
Survivin thru mid matchs a risk...but i can pass tyme tho, f*** an award i want cash by loads/
ray couldnt get bucks on a board if he passed by go, & i laugh at ya ass rhymes ho/
Imma say dis 4 da last tyme yo, da hooks in ya songs are gay, juss a rook wit a long day/
ya beats couldnt have a dope base line if u was cookin sum bomb yay/
Ya punches is put in the wrong way, can u handle dis ya plain ass aint land in shit/
i aint a fan of a bitch, his eyes black & im proud afta i gave da man a fist/
Den ya in da sand or a ditch, da voters still like my ways, heres sumthin to heal ya pride k/
tryna steal whut tides say, & ice beat this cross eyed fag til it feel like friday/
Ma characters vital, when pairin wit rivals, i could be ozzy wife wit a talk show
& i still aint sharin da title/
leave ya shirt holy like u wearin a bible, & diss u harder on a stage den
simon from american idol/
Ma verse is a two punch killer. beat me? im too much iller/
and ya verses iz like, retards makin jelly donuts they got too-much filler/
This fuc*** faggot finds elton john attractive/
this ediot wears his pants low just to give men an easier access/


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