Playing the Game del álbum 'The Power and the Glory'

Playing the Game

Gentle Giant

La canción 'Playing the Game' se estrenó en 1974. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Power and the Glory


Lead vocals: Derek (verses),
Kerry ("My thoughts never spoken...")

As I hold the key to the back door
of the world I feel my
Hand touching bounds never had before.
I can view the power of my position and my
eyes can see more than anyone in any place,
I'll play the game and never ever lose.

I'm the king in fighting competition
and the other pieces
are there for my art and my tactics now.
All my games are won before they're played for
I have planned that no opposition can stage a fight
I'll play the game and never ever lose.

My thoughts never spoken only the
visions inside my head the truth never broken
within my silent words left unsaid.

I will steer the helm of all the nation
as the captain
take my rewards for all the good I'm doing now,
and no words that I'm the knave will alter my
philosophy for if any are heard, the games started
again I'll never ever lose.

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