Inta Hayati - Letra


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Verse 1]
I wanna tell you how i feel
And let you know it.
First time I seen you girl,
I swear that you was glowin.
I wanna let you know,
With me you�re not alone.
So let it go and let it go,
To where it�s going.

[Hook x2]
Come with it slow,
Baby, come with it slowly.
I wanna work your body
Just so I can hear you say..

[Chorus � Translated from Arabic - x2]
Inta Hayati,
(You are my life)
Inta Habibi.
(You are my love)
Min awil nazra
(from the very second)
Wsourti Nasibi.
(You became my destiny)

[Verse 2]
It�s written all over your face,
Don�t try to hide it.
You want my love and
If you�re looking you can find it.
Just know you gotta know,
With me you�re not alone.
So when you�re feeling high,
You feel; you can�t deny it.

[Repeat Hook x2]

[Repeat Chorus x2]

Baby with me you�re not alone.
I want it, you got it.. Love

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