Peter Manjarres

Letra de la canción

That you're looking at here
the eye with beautiful long hair
and this size queen she played with me

I think it has suffered and I want to know
tell me what happened if this woman is so cute

Take care my friend, do not be fooled
because she played with me and I come to tell you that ...
I received my gifts and invitations
also my singing, and my flowers
it really hurts me that you pass the same
I can not accept it because you are my friend

Tell me that you advise me if I'm in love
I see it is so beautiful I think I drink '
though appearances often deceive
you have the experience and the last word

Get away and get out pa 'that do not matter what happened to me
stay away and get out of this woman never receive love love

She is very happy to receive without giving anything in return
but she does not care what you are feeling
and you are using

I have often thought that you're right
I'm in love but love is bigger

I just want you to know as far as I got
I love tube barriers and details about him
One day the film also invite clubs
send him chocolates and thousands of surprises
I always called her when I was traveling
but one day for no reason she stopped talking to me

I would like to hear you and I can not really
because this love is strong and I'm not afraid
the suitor she does not know what will happen
for her sake mine is blind and I will ariesgarme

Get away and get out so you do not matter what happened to me
stay away and get out of that woman never will receive love

I can not I can not because she is now my great love

Letra añadida por: jarly josé (#1.870)

Peter Manjarres
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