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chorus X2

That no longer know how to say no longer know what they do, they have to lie
pa pa appear seemingly more, come to tempt PA for tontolaba,
made the recording pampaparabaraba


Unused dawn to greet me without a supreme being to help me through this
if this breakfast in bed, but I spilled,
Saturday night live in a drama and I believe immortal
Le Foll and that makes you look at the issue
screaming, self-taught in this rap
and respect'm better than perfect
Some dream of leaving others mourn cry on the inside
barefoot and in this sahara drinks my thirst
I visit this agony once a month
this time they're covering these 2
and if you put the cheek hurts again
esque drink and not where I come from samson
if only monkeys are fair, a bufón in the Middle Ages
playing a saxophone solo in a corner your misery, you would be better
this is miquel, tax, which carries gives you speak
keep talking about bad publicity is pami
and nail biting that long for your teeth
er stopped a hobby when you do it on demand
ato ties and tie ropes in each sentence Prieto
I prefer not to stay still never stop
I draw the local shovel I promise you
This removes your face palette.


read your last sentence is approaching the end poruqe
Flip to the spectacle of this Malabo
ole say every time I appear on stage and on
pussy you that if I pass foei per bolus recovery
No matter what you do or not do
remains rap x pleasure, but I refuse to lose to win other pa
I noticed your nerves, I admit, I opened the door
but only to enter a few date account
I am a cryo esque nose might be afraid to these 3
cmo rap virtue and vice as a symbol of maturity and motion
this is not my best game mentally Sudan
tu? k us better? let me think twice k
my rap improving by the hour, I still in works by reforms
I speak of the future that you and your next leftovers
conoceme and really only up when I swear
carries the mc that only tends to bet on insurance
dimelo to face, if tienens many cojones
if you say that the nose because you do not put
rap in the dark Tim Burton your sun and the clouds I
I am the verse that changed your face cn isusko and sbrv
esque and the devil forced me to sign a pact
his name was hiphop ato me and leave aside the ange
for life to talk about what they really want
muero x my poison .. x sueroy that my dream


and sounds, but it is what it sounds
ami rap me your sweats and lack of style I poisons
while you rebientas veins with a cutter
sses pporque not rap and the pope do not cmpra scooter
Former your question not only demands answers
I left mine in songs like this
Le Foyer that, I just wanted this table
her boyfriend is an orphan, I Cage in his whore mother
and steals your dreams at the stage rem
my rap is a shit but sounds ben, come
ami ninety-nine of every hundred
feminist women I stick with the pan
but I have a bulletproof vest and a bodyguard
my rap is provocative as a miniskirt
I did not see the viability not return pornavidad breast
I sold everything, less dignity miputa
and so will I, so I will, more poor every day
never wanted to be a thief, even less even less police
and you do call mc? allow feared doubt
I was here if you ever thought about esque has quit
Give me one second but I want to teach
I do not need nor one minute more to humiliate and the apartarte
hair from his face when I eat the cock
you do not like this CD? l gilipollas not listen.


That no longer know how to say no longer know what they do, they have to lie
pa pa appear seemingly more, come to tempt PA for tontolaba,
made the recording pampaparabaraba
action and reaction, you run out of consolation prize
I never force the inspiration, is that I will not famous with this song
and that I did not hear the Bourbons or struggling
punishment one lung while the other lame force
and I will convince you not because you know where this door.




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