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He says :
Reason to use only in the corners of life
my cute neighborhood where blood empica overwhelmed,
problems than adults cringe
I have 11 years of watching dreams shrink as immature

I thought to sing reggeaton
waiting for the money that was supposed to arrive
with which lumberia with which help
the gift on a bicycle selling ice cream kept me

today speak ill of my lightly
as interested as if I knew that if I
as if they knew my real name not canserbero
I'm not a rapper but I'm honest and rhyme but

apparently that does not matter at this time
pa sound is that radio must sing with other pigs
say you're such violent
these popular rappers who are imprisoned or dead lords ,

let me say that they have lied
what we have heard so far
is little sane crap and nonsense
so I feel that I have been chosen to unmask

of those who make music instead of noise
because I've learned from failure
I'm not perfect men I am what I am pointing and ' pain in the ass
to come to a false humility discuss my

my sincerity when my motto is neither more nor less do more
fits into a covenant that I set
letters would create the world based on the little that was so
I discovered that I like it more a fist up

a fist e ' papers face e' simon bolivar
my fortune is my life
tell me what composure better known indigo
as the lie kills

is not the same song that we are projict
and they train to compete disque Real hiphoperis
we talk to are not clear heap
also dedicated listeners behind the scenes

up in each song hand lightly
maybe that's why he did not dance music ali first is that
gives me no arrechera that are created . 1
puppets that neurons do not move but if the ass

some folding issues on stage
mounted as you say you dance murder
well if you hear their beep are almost almost reggeaton
well hear their flow and are worse than snouda youu

come on da song
you are a lack of respect
people of truth and the way of life in the ghetto
offends pass if so face shows

if they fear the dog
I still do not let him see
chains sequined jackets lens rings
possess the covers drawn eyebrows tendrils

that shit is not hip hop understood once and for all
it's real people, not all are puppets of fashion
microphones fists arribas
viniles spray arribas

boxes hype people motivates you
you to continue fighting this epidemic lie
is that many aspire to record with yandel
and that I would accept

that veils them with less
with all that faithful to its philosophy and demonstrates
that hip hop is not dead yet
9 hours a day working one meal is pa

50 to 10 minutes to make poetry
by night I read and hear and read bits levitated
and Sunday will arrecho the ceiling to record what I think
I keep pulling deo means those who see me bad

I have a holy truth that rhyming am an animal
that will be able to shut me dead and buried standing but
tergibersaran thousand songs that I have rhymed .

Letra añadida por robertiviris


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