Straighten It Out - Point Blank

Straighten It Out

Point Blank

Letra, canción


'Straighten It Out'

featuring K Rino

(Have you been to the ghetto lately?)

Hell yeah I've been in this mothafucka since day one and I ain't trying

to get out...

Straighten it out...

[K Rino]

Yo Blank man you know I understand where you coming from...

You don't have to explain all that to me dog...

All I can tell you to do is watch out for them laws and keep your nuts up...

K Rino know you ain't no punk man...

See, a lot of people gonna try to get you slipping...

So you gotta watch your back, homeboy...

You know I'm right behind you so don't even look back...

[Point Blank]

All I remember is I was playing with a matchbox

Took the matches out and fill it up with rocks

When I'm up the cut I slum, a lot of niggas got hum

But I was one of the lucky ones

Anyway I kept doing

Not knowing something had come along ruing it

Dope fiend set me up

I lost my money, my car and my nuts

It was hard to forget and when I finally realized I ain't got shit

I wanted to skip town and give them a chase

I said: 'Fuck it!', got a lawyer and tried to beat the case

I walked up in the courtroom

And looked around at the place where I soon meet my doom

The judge asked what I plea

I waited a couple of minutes and said: 'Damn, I'm guilty!'

I had to go to the penitentiary

Best he can give me was 6 and I knew I had to do 3...

Long years behind bars

With the rest of American Most Wanted's stars

Then I asked myself: 'Why me?'

I should've thought about this when I was making that money

Shit, now I'm in a jailcell all alone

Trying to get used to my new home

Thinking about things that I used to do

Planning when I get out what I'm not gonna do

Hell, 3 years ain't that long

It will give me some time to write a whole lot of songs

Man, now I'm trying to chill myself up

But deep inside my heart's just toe-up

Trying to psych myself out

But at the couple of months I've been played this shit out

I used to be a crazy ass dope man

Rolling with Scarface, Terrorists and the Peter Man

I should've listened to the godfather

He said: 'Blank, you better chill or your ass gonna suffer!'

And that's exactly what I'm doing

Damn, my life is ruing

Selling that shit...


Yeah, I know you gotta live and learn...

No brothas won't even sweat that...It will be alright...

Yeah, South Park Coalition gotta stick together, man...

Society ain't going with us so I say down the society...

You know what I'm talking about, brothas?

Blank, you know you're a child of a concrete so you can handle anything

that comes at you...

Got a mind like a handgranade detinated to explode to them laws,


[Point Blank]

My son was 8 months when I lost track

And he'll be damn near 4 when I get back

And if do see him then

Will he know I his father or think I'm a strange man

Sometimes I say he'll remember me

But if I ask: 'Come here, bean!', will he answer me?

I guess this I never know

Until I get out in 1994...


Yeah, times get to the point where a brotha don't know what's coming at him...

See, Point Blank's kicking reality...

S.P.C. can't go wrong...

Yo, Blank, I know you did wrong, brotha...

Sometimes you gotta go wrong to learn what's right...

You know what I'm talking about?

I know you do...

[Point Blank]

Now I'm back in the streets and guess what I'm starting?

Selling drugs and store robbing

My son was bigger than a mothafucka

I was 22, he was 4, looked just like my little brotha

Deep in my heart I felt nothing but pain

Couldn't count worth shit but I can measure some cocaine

My father said: 'Son, ya better sit down...

or somebody gonna put you in the ground!'

But no, I ain't listening

I make my own decisions, fuck the ass-kissing

I'm not a menace to society

God damn it, society is a menace to me

Point Blank is strong

I did what ever I had to do cause I knew I wouldn't live long

So I called my girlfriend

She said: 'Baby, please stop, you just got out of the pen!'

But one day a lot shit went wrong

Punk mothafuckas done tap my telephone

Yeah, they tired to rob me

I knew it wasn't a hit cause the shit was slobby

I went along with it

The last thing I saw was the sky and I never forget it

And as I laid on the ground

I said: 'God, I let you down!'

I guess it's too late to straighten it out...


Yo, Blank, we moving like a shadow, baby...K-Rino gots your back...

As these streets raise you, use your brain...It will be alright...

There ain't no choice for niggas out there...

So you got people making your life go with you...

My boy Dope-E, Egypt-E, K.O...You can't loose with that S.P.C...

South Park is a war...Niggas born drafted...

But Ice Cream and Milk is always on your side...

Let it ride, brotha...Let it ride...