Canción 'Back to madness' del disco 'Stratovarius' interpretada por Stratovarius

Back to madness Letra y Canción


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BACK TO MADNESS es una canción de Stratovarius del año 2005, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Stratovarius.


'Back to madness'

Another winterday's gone
I'm lying here all alone
There are many like me here behind these closed doors

Somehow I lost the way
Fear just löead me astray
Deep into the labyrinth of my warped mind

I lost all of my believe
And I felt my spirit break
Feel the rain, storm came over me

Back to madness, I go back to sadness
I go back to madness, there is no return

Must go back to madness
Must go back to sadness
I go back to madness
Will I ever learn?
What I don't recall I will repeat

Have you ever been hurt?
Have you ever been abandoned?
Have you ever been truly scared?
Have you ever felt you don't belong here?
Have you ever felt like you don't have a home?
Have you ever felt you don't have a chance?
From the moment of birth, we are already dying
Death is the only true salvation
Through death, man is reborn
Like a butterfly is born out of a caterpillar
And after that, man is finally free