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bye bye Juan Gabriel
You are the sadness, oh, of my eyes
That they cry in silence for your love
I look at myself in the mirror and I see my face
The time that I have suffered for your good-bye
I force to that forgets you the thought
Because I am always thinking of the past
I prefer to be sleeping that he/she wakes up
Of point that hurts me that you are not

As he/she wanted, oh that you lived
That your eyes never
They had never closed
And to be looking at them
Eternal love is unforgettable
Sooner or later I will be with you
To continue loving us

I have suffered so much for your absence
From that day until today am not happy
And although I have calm my conscience
I know that I could have fact but for you
Dark solitude is living
The same solitude of your sepulcher, my love
You are the love of which I have
The saddest memory in Acapulco


Eternal love, eternal love...

Letra añadida por: mara-14 (#156)

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