Tell It Goodbye

Kyle Vincent

Letra de la canción

Who saved you
when the earth shook my stands
'cause i owed you
for being the world's greatest fans
and tho, i'm just concrete and steel
i still can feel,
i'm sorry
for the fog, the cold, the wind
i brought here
to try and help us win
and now
as you walk away
remember that day
When say hey willie climbed up the wall
and willie mac touched them all
god it only seems like yesterday
when juan and gaylord ruled the mound
and the crack of the bat was a beautiful sound
when barry bonds gave that ball a ride
tell it goodbye.................goodbye
We laughed, when lasorda threw a wave
we cried, when dave dravecky defined brave
so now, as you walk away
remember that day
(and i'll miss you
every day, every inning,
but i wish you
the joys of winning,
when winter turns to spring
i swear i'll hear you sing
take me out to the ballgame,
take me out with the crowd
and on every summer day,
i'll hear you cheer so loud
but now, as you walk away
remember to say...........
tell it goodbye............


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